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Social Vending Machine

Social Vending Machine

Social Vending Machine

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Social Vending Machine For Event Swag

Handing out swag when guests register or arrive at your event is great - but what if there were a fun way to get guests to interact online, too? This vending machine can dispense items as small as a business card or as large (and fragile) as a champagne bottle, and it’s powered not by currency but by social media interactions!

The Social Vending Machine can hold over a thousand items and connects to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram via WiFi or Ethernet. We can skin the entire machine with your artwork, and customize the interface that is displayed on the 46” touchscreen. You put your promotional items inside it and decide what each one is “worth-“ for example, a Twitter follow might be worth a coupon, or sharing an email address might be worth a water bottle. Then, once the guest completes the action, the machine dispenses the swag!

The Social Vending Machine is cutting-edge, effective, and just plain fun - guests enjoy the novelty of “purchasing” an item with their social media street cred, and you get the benefit of increased online visibility and new email contacts to add to your marketing database.

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Download Branding Templates

Wrap Template - Adobe Illustrator
Wrap Template - PDF
Screen Template - Adobe Illustrator
Screen Template - PDF

A Vending Machine Like No Other

Increase your social footprint and get more brand love

  • Branding

    Large surface area can be covered with a skin, and 46” touch screen is customized with your brand.

  • Database Building

    Collect guest information in a fun way to use for future marketing efforts.

  • Social Reach

    Guests earn swag by sharing online, increasing your visibility.

  • Power

    Uses one 13-amp socket, and can connect via Ethernet or Wifi.

Social Vending Machine Specifications

  • Height & Weight

    Assembled: 72 in. H x 36 in. W x 39 in. D. Total Weight: 826 Pounds.

  • Social Integration

    Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

  • Screen

    46" Multi-Touch LCD with an i5 Intel processor, 8 GB RAM and 128 GB of storage.

  • Large Capacity

    Can hold over 1000 items with 8 trays of up to 10 channels.

  • Power Supply

    Working voltage: 110v / 230v.