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SNAP: Photo Booth

SNAP: Photo Booth

SNAP: Photo Booth


Photo Booth Rental For Events

Bring the fun to your next corporate event with our innovative, portable photo booths. Attendees receive their photos digitally via email or text, allowing them to share your event on social media easily. Our digital corporate event photo booth is easy to set-up and use and features an illuminated light ring which takes flattering photos your guests will be happy to post. Call (800) 516-3580 for portable photo booth rental.

What’s the best way to make sure your guests take tons of photos at your event and share them online? Give them a high-quality camera, an appealing light, and fool-proof technology! 

Our photo booth is perfect for events that cater to upscale clients but need a touch of fun.
The inviting glowing ring ensures perfect lighting for selfies, and it’s open so tons of people can fit in each shot. It’s built around an iPad Pro with a 5-megapixel camera and includes advanced software with in-app camera controls that are easy and intuitive to use.
Plus, it can take videos, create GIF animations, and print both strips and postcard souvenirs for your guests. We can cover it with a custom skin, and also include software to add your artwork to each photo.

Our photo booth is built right here in the USA, and its quality is unmatched: it’s made of laser-cut aluminum with attention to design details like perfect mitered joints and flush-mounted hardware.

Call us for Photo Booth pricing to rent or buy for your next event. 

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