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Hashtag Printer

Hashtag Printer

Hashtag Printer

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Hashtag Photo Printer For Events

We’re all about sharing our selfies on Instagram - but prints are making a comeback in a big way, and this time with a trendy twist! In order to print their photos, guests share on Instagram or Twitter using a hashtag of your choice. We’ll configure your printer to display all the photos gathered with the hashtag, and then guests use the 11.5” touchscreen to choose which ones they want to print. We’ll also create custom software for you with branded frames and of course, the entire unit can be wrapped in a skin with your artwork.

Your social reach is amplified, and your guests get prints of their favorite photos to take home - what’s not to love?

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Download Branding Templates - Coming Soon

The Mobile Hashtag Printer Kiosk

Print social photos instantly

  • High-Volume

    Comes loaded ready to rapidly print 300 photos.

  • Branding

    We’ll skin the entire machine, add your brand to the interface, and load frames with your artwork.

  • Assembly

    Takes less than five minutes to set up.

  • Social Reach

    Prints only come from photos with your hashtag, so guests will be inclined to share!

Hashtag Printer Specifications

  • Height & Weight

    Assembled: 40 in. H x 16 in. W x 20 in. D. Total Weight: 35 Pounds.

  • Printing

    High-speed, high-capacity printer, holds 300 6“x 4” full color prints.

  • Display

    11.5" Touch Screen.

  • Social Integration

    Instagram, Twitter.

  • Outreach

    Exponential social media outreach, increased social footprint with your brand hashtag.