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CASS: Lightweight Cell Phone Charging Station with HD Video

CASS: Lightweight Cell Phone Charging Station with HD Video

CASS: Lightweight Cell Phone Charging Station with HD Video


Lightweight Charging Station with HD Video

The CASS is THE lightest and most versatile charging station for multiple devices on the market, with two great opportunities to showcase your brand. The unit itself contains over 10 square feet that can be covered in a custom skin, and it features an HD screen to display your multimedia messaging. 

HD Video
The CASS comes with a 20" digital screen. Loop images or videos engage your users.​

Coming in at just under 35 pounds, this unit was designed specifically for easy event transportation, making it the perfect charging station rental for events, trade shows, and festivals.

5 Minute Set-up
The easiest and only free-standing charging station that takes 5 minutes to assemble and strike.

Brand It
Not only can you customize the screen, but 360-degree branding in a full-color wrap will also transform your charging station.

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About the CASS

The Most Advanced Cell Phone Charging Station
The CASS mobile charging station boasts a 20” HD screen, audio with external volume controls, and dimmable LEDs illuminating its 12 charging tips.

We can pre-load this charging station with your content or existing media management software, but in case you need to make last-minute changes, it is WiFi-enabled and has a hidden USB port. Use this charging station for phones as it is for a modern and unobtrusive option, or take advantage of a custom shrink wrap to complement your branding or décor.

The CASS comes in several configurations to fit any space: Standing, Tabletop, Wall-mounted, and Standing or Tabletop Dual (with two screens and 24 charging tips). If you are investing in a unit for multiple events, the CASS Single Conversion package comes with all of the pieces you need for 3 different configurations to suit your changing needs.

Interested in two units? The CASS Dual Conversion package allows you to choose between single and dual options whenever it works best.

Mobile Charging Kiosk With 100% Device Compatibility
The standard charging tips support most Apple and Android devices, but the CASS charging kiosk includes an extra open port just in case. Users plug in their own charging cord (or one you supply) and any USB-powered device can be charged safely and quickly. This feature also ensures your charging station never becomes obsolete – the charging tips can be easily updated to keep up with changing technology.

The Versatile Phone Charging Station

The tried and true solution to engage your audience1

  • Voice Assistant

    A voice assistant guides users through the storing and retrieving process while the pin code keypad eliminates lost keys for guests.

  • HD Video Advertisement

    By plugging a USB or Hard drive into the screen, you can display video or image advertisements to your end users as they store and charge their devices.

  • Easy Moving

    Detachable Baseplate with
    Wheels for Easy Moving

  • Perfect for

    Employee Breakrooms
    Gyms, Spas & Fitness Centres
    Waiting Areas
    Water Parks & Pools.

Charging Station Specifications

  • Height & Weight

    1740mm (H) x 500mm (W) x 500mm (D)

  • Output

    5V/2.4A fast charging

  • Housing

    1.5mm Thick Cold-rolled Steel
    Durable Spray Paint.

  • Compatibility

    100% device compatibility with 2.4A charging power, charges up to 12 devices at once.

  • Wire and Ports

    8x industrial-grade, temper-proof braided 3-in-1(Apple Lightning for iPhone 5 and newer devices, Micro-USB for android devices and Type-C for the latest devices) charging cables.micro USB wires, 5 Apple Lightning wires, 1 Apple Legacy 30-pin, 1 open USB port.