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Cell Phone Charging Stations

We offer commercial phone charging stations. Our event charging station is the most versatile on the market. Choose charging station rental to showcase your brand. A perfect cell phone charging station solution for Airports, Train Stations, Bus Terminals and Shopping Malls. Call (800) 516-3580
CASS: Lightweight Cell Phone Charging Station with HD Video
from $1,350.00
Lightweight Charging Station with HD Video The CASS is THE lightest and most versatile charging station for multiple devices on the market, with two great opportunities to showcase your brand. The unit itself contains over 10 square feet that c...
CORA: Power Outlet Charging Station For Multiple Devices
from $650.00
Power Outlets Charging Station The CORA is a perfect solution for Airports, Train Stations, Bus Terminals, and Shopping Malls; providing extra charge your customers’ need on-the-go. With 8 USB ports and 4 AC Power Outlets, it is an excellent, fast...
CLEO: Charging Kiosk For Cell Phones
from $898.00
Wall Mounted Charging Kiosk The CLEO is the best, most simple space-saving cell phone charging Kiosk solution. The large illuminated screen and powerful charging capabilities compatible with all devices allow you to showcase your brand in the bes...
CICI: Mini Mobile Phone Charger
from $200.00
Charging Hub A great solution for businesses that need to conserve space and provide cell phone or mobile device charging away from a wall outlet.The CICI is one of the smallest charging stations available on the market, while still providing the ...
ELA Cell Phone Charging Station For Cars
from $124.00
Car Charging Station For Cell Phones The perfect solution for ride-sharing, chauffeur, or taxi businesses (like Uber, Lyftand Grab) where there will be passengers riding in the back seat. The ELA is an easy to install cell phone charging station...
ONA Portable Battery Dock Charging Station 8
from $275.00
The ONA is a portable battery dock charging station that can charge 8 batteries simultaneously. Ensure that your clients are fully charged up anywhere anytime. The user-friendly, simple design of this 8 battery dock charger gives event attendees ...