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Social Vending Machine

The Social Vending Machine is cutting-edge, effective, and just plain fun - guests enjoy the novelty of “purchasing” an item with their social media street cred, and you get the benefit of increased online visibility and new email contacts to add to your marketing database.

Cell Phone Charging Stations

Brand-able, eye-catching cell phone charging stations for your event, business, or anything in-between. Keep your audience connected with branded phone charging stations.

Cell Phone Charging Tables

Custom charging tables that can charge any device. Like all our event tech rentals, they can be wrapped with a completely custom skin. Your audience will gather somewhere – why not around you? Fully brand-able, phone charging tables are just what attendees are looking for.

Cell Phone Charging Lockers

An innovative cell phone charging lockers for safely storing all valuables including wallets, keys, and cameras. Give your audience a charge and peace of mind. Branded, smart lockers provide event attendees a safe place to recharge.

Mobile Photo Booth

What’s the best way to make sure your guests take tons of photos at your event, and share them online? Give them a high quality camera, an appealing light, and fool-proof technology!