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Social Vending Machines

This isn’t your grandmother’s vending machine: instead of buying snacks with cash, your guests complete fun tasks such as sharing photos and tweeting with your hashtag to earn prizes stored in the machine - the possibilities are endless!

Data Box

It may be small, but the data box provides you with analytics that make a big impact – you can track important metrics like dwell time and engagement in real-time, and provide a report to your sponsors after the event so they can track their ROI.

Hashtag Printer

Remember how much fun Polaroid prints were? Give your guests a printed souvenir to take home - you can even add a custom frame with your logo and brand!

Photo Booth

A top-of-the-line iPad with a 5-megapixel camera and in-app controls is mounted in a halo light = selfies your guests will LOVE to share online!

Charging Station

Posting on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook means your guests’ batteries will need to be recharged - and you don’t want them huddled around a charging strip plugged hidden in a dusty corner.

Power Table

Make connections with our custom hi-top charging tables. Charge up to 18 devices at once and showcase your brand while your guests engage in conversation.

Locker Charging Station

Our secure locker charging stations come equipped with 6 locking chambers and a digital screen with branding opportunities.