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Make 2019 the most memorable year ever with our hashtag printer

If one of your #2019goals is to boost your event reach and visibility, a great place to start is the event hashtag. The right event hashtags can increase visibility of your event, making it easier for attendees to share their experiences on social media and for non-attendees to find and view content from your event. Organizations of every type are leveraging hashtags to improve their reach and make an impact, and it’s arguably one of the easiest and cheapest ways to promote your event across multiple platforms.

That being said, what does an event hashtag do for the people that actually attend your event?

If you want a unique tool that helps promote your event hashtag, boosts your audience engagement on-site, and provides a literal keepsake your guests can take home with them (other than the fond memories), look no further than our Hashtag Printer.

The Hashtag Printer combines the instant gratification of a photo booth with the marketing edge of a social wall. Guests are encouraged to share their photos on Instagram or Twitter using the event hashtag of your choice in exchange for a photo print. Your social reach gets amplified just like it would if you promoted the use of your hashtag, but your guests also get prints of their favorite photos to take home with them. It’s a real #win for everyone!

Just like our charging stations and tables, your Hashtag Printer can be customized to include a unique wrap promoting your branding.  We’ll also program the touchscreen display to include custom branded frames for your pictures.  The refillable, high volume printer can hold up to 300 full color prints, perfect for an event of any size.  The unit also stands roughly 3.5 feet high, making it accessible for all guests who want to share their photos and join in on the fun!

The Hashtag Printer can be used for any type of event. If you’re planning a wedding, ditch the expensive photo booth that takes up valuable floor space and go for a Hashtag Printer instead!  Your guests will #love posting their photos using your wedding hashtag anyway, so why not give them a keepsake to remember your special day forever?

Looking for a way to expand the reach of a concert series? Want to encourage your attendees to engage with your channel rather than directly with the artist? Utilizing a well-placed Hashtag Printer is a great way to show off how much fun your concertgoers are having while providing them a fun way to communicate directly with the organization hosting their favorite artist.

There are so many fun, creative ways to implement a Hashtag Printer at your next event.  Call us today for pricing options or to talk through the ways your event can benefit from a Hashtag Printer or any one of our event tech options!