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How to Keep Attendees Engaged Between Events

Unless you host events on a weekly basis, you’ll probably have a big stretch of time between your events. After the “post-event” window has passed and your follow up surveys and emails have been sent, what can you do to keep your attendees engaged before the registration process starts for your next event?

If you want to keep your attendees excited about what you have to offer year-round, you’ll need to create and publish content year round. If your social media channels and website go into hibernation mode between events, you’re missing out on opportunities to turn attendees into fans, and fans into loyal brand ambassadors. After all, your attendees have more changes to engage with your brand the more regularly you publish content!

The best part about creating engaging content between events is that it’s usually low cost, low effort, and open to creativity. Here are just a few ways you can churn out content year-round.

Video, Video, Video

Video is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there, so powerful that it can boost your web traffic.If you have any footage from your previous events, want to give your attendees a behind the scenes look at the planning stages for your next event, or want to create new video content for your brand, video can help engage your attendees in the off season and remind them what you have to offer.

Sharing is Caring

You don’t always need to create your content from scratch. Sharing content created by other channels that are related to your brand can be a great way to continually post engaging content your attendees can connect to. Whether its posts related to your industry, other events similar to yours, local news, or brands your organization can connect to, take a little time each day to share 2-3 posts. This is also a great way to track what your followers are interested in and can help you get ideas for what types of content you should be creating.

Competition is Key

Nothing grabs more attention than a chance to win tickets to your next event. Create an online contest where attendees can earn free tickets, VIP upgrades, accommodations, merchandise, or other perks for your next event and watch your engagement soar! Contests should be interactive and encourage your attendees to provide feedback or share your content in exchange for contest entries. For example, sharing a post on Facebook could be worth one entry, but sharing the post on Instagram and tagging two friends could be worth 3 entries.

Blog about It

Your event website should include a blog section if it doesn’t already. Blogs are a great way to post event recaps, organization updates, and your take on industry trends and topics. Blogs are a great option because they drive traffic to your website and have a very open content medium. You can post anything from articles, reviews, listicles, quick tips, and any other easy to digest content you can think of!

When in doubt, email out

Emails are a reliable way to reach your attendees. While you certainly don’t want to overdo it during the lull between events, sending the occasional newsletter or promotional email can help engage attendees that might be dormant otherwise. Email is also a great way to show attendees that may not be social media savvy where to find your latest content, how to keep in touch with your brand, and what they can expect for your next event.

No matter which options you choose, continually pushing out content is the most reliable way to keep your fans engaged. Taking the initiative to stay in touch with your audience base in addition to your event planning can actually make it easier when it comes time to promote your next event.