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How to Implement New Technology at Your Event

When new technology is introduced, people tend to be slightly reluctant to adopt it with open arms. There may be some early adopters but, for the most part, it takes time for new technology to become widely accepted. Yes, this new tech could innovate the way they work or make their lives easier, but the mentality of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” tends to dominate.

Luckily, there are a few ways to incorporate new technology into your next event that will make even the most reluctant attendee happy.

Focus on Wifi

There’s a good chance your new event tech will rely on a good wifi connection. Even if it doesn’t, reliable wifi is one of the amenities most attendees crave. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to adopting new technology, focus on providing fast, reliable, and free wifi. This will allow you to implement fun new technologies in the future such as event apps, beacons, push notifications, and open you up to gamification options. Even if you don’t plan on adding any other high-tech tools to your event, the act of making wifi available to your attendees is enough to boost their engagement by enabling them to post about your event while they’re there without using up their data.

Implement Tech That Directly Serves Your Audience

There’s no point in adding new technology to your event if it doesn’t serve a direct purpose or fill a need. When done incorrectly, unnecessary tech at your event will feel more like clutter than innovation. When done correctly, it’ll make a noticeable difference in the way your attendees interact with your event and will provide them with a more positive experience.

When looking for new tech to add to your event, ask yourself: what problem does this solve? What task does this make easier? Does this add to or detract from the overall event experience?

Prepare Your Attendees Ahead of Time

Whether you’re implementing a new high-tech check in process, are going to a cashless RFID solution, or are starting to use social vending machinesinstead of the traditional merch booth, get the word out ahead of time. Sending an email blast about your new event tech can help customers prepare themselves and know what to expect on event day. This can also prevent confusion when customers arrive at your venue if they need to do something specific ahead of time to interact properly with your event tech, such as downloading a mobile ticket or pre-loading money onto a wristband.

Structure Your Event to Encourage Tech Engagement

Once you pick the right tech for your event, you’ll need to use some nuance when you’re ready to implement it. You can’t just place new technology into the middle of your event floorplan and expect people to be excited about it or want to interact with it. Your event should be organized in a way that encourages people to interact with your newly adopted tech. For example, shifting to an event app rather than traditionally printed programs or brochures is a great way to seamlessly integrate new technology in a user-friendly way. It’ll push for engagement with your tech, introduce new ways for your attendees to receive information about your event, and provide all of the same information and details they expect from your printed materials.

There will always be a level of reluctance when it comes to adopting new tech, no matter what field you’re in. While this can be an issue for events, following the suggestions above can help things run much more smoothly.