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5 Reasons to Use a Photo Booth At Your Next Event

We’ve spent time developing a photo booth that’s professional, sleek, easy to use, and flexible enough to with well in venue.  With months of careful development behind us, the Event Tech Rentals Photo Booth is a great addition to any event!

Rather than hiring a crew of people to set up and operate a full photo booth, our Photo Booth utilizes an iPad inlayed within your choice of faceplate set on top of a brandable stand.  All Photo Booths include a light ring built into the faceplate so you never need to worry about finding the corner of your venue with the best lighting.  This means less time coordinating logistics, less floor space needed, and more ways for your attendees to have fun!

Our Photo Booths include an easy to access dimmer switch and a tilting head, so your attendees can make sure their photos are always framed and lit to perfection.  Once they’ve finished taking photos, they’ll be able to access their images digitally for added share-ability.  You can also choose to add an optional printer so guests can walk away with their photos in hand.

Our Photo Booths are built with portability in mind.  Each unit breaks down into 4 pieces and can fit in a single, purpose-built, TSA compliant rolling case for easy transport.  The fully assembled booth weighs a total of 42 pounds, making it sturdy enough to withstand the rowdiest of events but lightweight enough to be easily portable.

If you’re on the fence, here are 5 reasons why your next event can benefit from an Event Tech Rentals Photo Booth:

  1. Promote Guest Interaction
    People love feeling like they’re a part of something. Whether your event is a celebration or more business-oriented, giving attendees a chance to have fun with each other promotes interaction and, in turn, makes your event more enjoyable. The more they enjoy themselves at your event, the more likely they are to share their experience later on!
  2.  Make Events More Memorable
    If you’re looking for a way to make your event more memorable, look no further than a well-placed photo booth!  Aside from the interaction element mentioned above, guests will literally have a photo of themselves at your event, allowing them to recall the fun time they had and share their experience with others.
  3. Offer Fun, Personal Keepsakes
    If you find yourself struggling with what type of swag or tchotchke to give away at your vendor booth or event, consider using a branded Photo Booth with a printer instead! Attendees can snap a quick pic of themselves (alongside a setup of optional props) and walk away with a photo of themselves rather than a keychain that’ll likely end up somewhere in a junk drawer.
  4. Increase Brand Engagement
    Encourage everyone to post their photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using a specific hashtag (PROTIP: you can include this hashtag as part of your custom stand wrap). You can even ask attendees to tag your business or organization as part of their post to increase reach. This will get your attendees to spread awareness about your brand and your event- how’s that for free marketing?
  5. Fit Any Environment
    Photo Booths can include custom stand wraps that can match your organization’s branding or the aesthetic of your event venue. The best part about photo booths is that they can match almost any theme out there in a sleek, unobtrusive way.